When Did 2 Double A Batteries Get To Be So Much Fun? Snap Circuits Jr. Select SC-130 Electronics Exploration Kit

There was a moment of play when this toy literally took off – achieved lift-off and defied gravity – and we knew from the collective shouts of our kids that we’d found a winner. This is a toy that takes some investment to get to work properly. But with a little focus, there are big moments […]

Beamo 16″ Flying Hoop – Watch Out Frisbee, Beamo is Coming for You

What happens when you take a beloved classic like the frisbee and infuse it with lighter, safer, and more aerodynamic materials? You get the Beamo 16-inch flying hoop, a great addition to any family’s cache of airborne toys. Let’s unpack what makes the Beamo soar.

Unplugged Play: Rediscovering the Benefits of Screen-Free Activities

In today’s world, children are often surrounded by screens and electronic devices. While technology can offer valuable learning experiences and entertainment, it’s crucial for kids to engage in unplugged play. This type of activity promotes creativity, fosters social skills, and helps children develop a deeper understanding of the world around them. Unplugged play refers to […]

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